The original 3 Stooges, which is now a stage show and soon to go out on a national tour.

The former MGM Grand, Las Vegas, live stage show, “The Three Stooges, Three-Actical, Three D's,” has been revived with a contemporary spin on a longtime favorite. 

Knight Entertainment Group (KEG) has become the exclusive licensee for The Three Stooges stage show, after striking a deal with C3 Entertainment Inc., which owns the property. The partnership will bring The Three Stooges back to the live stage for a traveling show titled “The Three Stooges, Three-Actical, Three D's'.”

“In addition to licensing the rights, C3 will be involved in every step by way of approving the script, concepts, acts and marketing, in addition to Knight Productions marketing,” said Ani Khachoian, C3.

The Three Stooges will be experienced by fans in venues across the nation in a way that has never been seen before, he said. The show will include shorts and acts from the classic films, updated and interwoven in new storylines. Those in attendance will be part of the show and have the opportunity to experience real-time audience participation, including an interactive 3D pie fight. Fans will also be able to use their smartphones to affect what takes place on stage. 

The show will consist of The 3 Stooges classic characters Mo, Larry and Curly. There will be subtle changes to the show, including the introduction of women characters; one can be thought of as “Tarzan's Jane, or think of her as queen of the ape women,” said Knight. In addition, there will be three women interwoven in the show, which will be extended to three acts. 

“We’re starting to schedule now, we have about 26 theaters across the nation that are expressing interest,” said Rob Knight, executive producer of KEG. “We just picked up two more today that are in discussion.”

Set dates have yet to be named and information of specific venues is not yet public. However, it is now known The Three Stooges is “going into Chicago and have two more inquiries in Chicago,” said Knight. “We’re going into Oklahoma; we’re going into Philadelphia and have discussions of going to the Carolinas. We have a lot on the table right now.”

KEG is confident in the marketing collateral available, saying social media marketing power behind the brand will point venue goers to the box offices. 

The Three Stooges live show has been booked by venues as small as 300 seats, as well as venues that seat roughly 1,200 guests. KEG has also been in discussion regarding half-arenas that seat 6,000 to 12,000. However, Knight believes that size audience will not best suit the technology and guest’s ability to view acts on stage. 

“Venues with up to about 2,000 seats are probably the best comfort zone to something like this,” said Knight. “We also love the intimacy of 300-seat theaters.”

“The Three Stooges, Three-Actical, Three D's” traveling tour is set to hit the road in 2018. KEG is currently taking presale holds for the show.

Proposed ticket prices are $30, $35 and $40. “Fifty-dollar meet and greets or a VIP add-on will include a real-time pie fight in the outdoor area of the venue for limited VIPs; this will include smocks and/or ponchos for participants as needed,” said Knight.

Knight added that when the show hits its mark, the general average ticket price may be as high as $58 a ticket. However, this depends on the marketing that the venue has in its wheelhouse to support its regular general admissions scaling.