General Manager, Abbotsford (British Columbia) Centre, Spectra Venue Management (Courtesy Abbotsford Centre)
He’s not atop a Zamboni, but he’s in the driver’s seat in Abbotsford.

I thought I’d grow up to be
A professional hockey player.

Favorite part of the job
Seeing everything all come together and watching, listening and seeing the fans’ reaction at the moment the lights come on and the headliner hits the stage. 

Least favorite part of the job
Having to deal with a guest that had their experience ruined by something the venue could have or should have been able to prevent. 

Career in an alternate universe
Zamboni driver.

Favorite mentors
Rich Grau (Sleeman Centre), Ryan MacIvor (Encana Events Centre) and Dean Clarke (Spectra Venue Management).

Surprising fact about me
My favorite event to date here in Abbotsford was the 2015 World Baton Championships, where we witnessed the first-ever perfect score in the team competition. 

Best advice received
“Treat others as you would want to be treated” and “WAIT” (Why Am I Talking?).

Biggest career achievement
Working my way up to becoming a GM and leading the team at the Abbotsford Centre.  

Best day on the job
Too many to single out, as I’m living the dream.

Worst day on the job
Feb. 14, 2012, while I was the assistant GM and director of operations of the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. We had a patron tragically killed at the Hedley concert we were hosting — you never forget going through something like that.