Ideas and suggestions on recruiting, interviewing and placement practices in the sports and entertainment industry from Prodigy Sports.

Three Myths on Sports Careers and How to Fight the Stigma

1. “I’m locked into this department/job since it’s all I’ve done.” One job does not define your career path. Having different experience can be beneficial, given you have been in multifaceted roles and know the highs and lows in each. However, be cognizant that too many jumps can look unprofessional.

 2. “The only jobs are with a team or venue.” The sports and entertainment industries are more than just a team or a venue. Think about the components that help run the operation: outside vendors, agencies, brands/sponsors, back of house. All are part of our industry but may not have the same title or position as you’ve seen before.

 3. “The role is intriguing, but the title doesn’t line up with my level of experience.” One of the biggest stigmas of a title is the amount of years perceived with it. Look at the job responsibilities, qualifications and the years of experience mentioned in the description. Every team, venue, arena and company titles positions differently, so investigate the role before assuming the role isn’t right for your skill set. To achieve your goal, you may have to take a step back to take two steps forward.