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The Do’s and Don’ts of Leveraging Your Network

In the sports and entertainment industry, the people you come across are likely only one or two degrees of separation away from you, a colleague, a boss, or a vendor. But no matter the connection, there are lines between leveraging your network and overstepping boundaries, perceived as only looking out for yourself.

Do: Use social media. LinkedIn uncovers 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections, which is helpful in your job search. You can also use LinkedIn when you are searching not for a job but rather for industry best practices or referrals. 

Don’t: go overboard with adding contacts. The simplest rule of thumb: quality over quantity.

Do: Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile as often as you can. Keeping it fresh will help when you come across an opportunity and can pass your information along immediately.

Don’t: be a serial applicant applying for every role. If you read a description and you don’t check off many of the boxes, then move on.

 Do: Be respectful of others’ time. While your inquiry may be your priority, realize others have their own priorities (i.e., their day job). Provide value before asking for it in return.

Don’t: be overly pushy. A networking note may come out of the blue at times, so realize someone will get back to you when it is convenient for them.  There is a fine line between persistent and pushy.