Ideas and suggestions on recruiting, interviewing and placement practices in the sports and entertainment industry from Prodigy Sports.

How to Differentiate Yourself in the Interview Process

With the talent pool increasing by the day, so does the competition for roles within our industry for high-level executive roles. For the job seeker, how can you differentiate yourself throughout the interview process?

1. Show your personality while maintaining professionalism. Don’t be afraid to be a human. Often, there’s pressure in an interview to be almost robotic. Remember that a cultural fit is just as important as a technical fit.  

2. Share your wins. Tell your story but share the path that got you there. What challenges have you overcome and what were the results? How have you successfully negotiated with vendors or sponsors to save room in your budgets? How do you measure the success of your events and what makes a good event?

3. Do your homework! Prepare for a strong line of questioning. If you were interviewing yourself, what would you want to know?  Where would you dig in?  This mentality will help prepare you for anything the in terviewer might be trying to uncover. Act engaged. Be prepared at the end with a minimum of three questions for the interviewer. If it is a replacement, why did the last person not succeed?

4. “Coffee’s for closers.” Why are you the best candidate for this job? At the end of the interview and in your follow-up note (yes, always send a thank-you note), be prepared with a “closing argument” like a lawyer in a trial.