In honor of this month’s cover story subject, country star Kenny Chesney, a quick tour of some numbers from Chesney’s tours dating back to 2002, with an emphasis on his visits to big venues, courtesy of the Chesney camp.

Highest-grossing tour (The Big Revival, 2015)

Number of tours that have grossed more than $100 million (Trip Around the Sun, 2018; The Big Revival, 2015).

Number of tours with “sun” in the name (Trip Around the Sun, 2018; Brothers of the Sun, 2012; Sun City Carnival, 2009; Somewhere in the Sun, 2005).

Number of tours among the 15 that topped 1 million in attendance.

Most stadiums played on one tour (Brothers of the Sun, 2012). Every date was a stadium date.

The year of Flip Flop Summer, the last full tour in which Chesney played fewer than a dozen stadiums.

Highest attendance for a tour (The Big Revival, 2015)