Country artists that can sell out stadiums are rare, especially if those stadiums aren’t in classic country territory. Kenny Chesney can boast that his highest-grossing single-show stop was at a New York-area stadium.

Chesney’s Aug. 18 concert at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., grossed more than $6.8 million from 58,642 total tickets sold, a total higher than New Jersey hometown star Bruce Springsteen has ever attained.

Ron VanDeVeen, MetLife Stadium President and CEO, is quite the Chesney fan.

“When we did the first show in 2011, there were questions on whether country would work in the New York City and New Jersey market on such a large scale,” VanDeVeen said. “The show sold out, it was an electric atmosphere, and that was the beginning of a great partnership with Kenny and his team.”

This year’s Trip Around the Sun tour was Kenny’s sixth show at MetLife Stadium, VanDeVeen said.

“Kenny became our No. 1-selling artist, which is an amazing feat for a country artist to accomplish in this market,” he said. “Kenny’s shows are not just concerts — they’re all-day events. He’s created an atmosphere where his fans come out early, tailgate, have a good time and get to see six hours of music.”

VanDeVeen is thrilled with the relationship his venue and Chesney have developed, as well as the way Chesney connects to his fans.

“We’re building a tradition with his shows where the fans come back year after year,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the day we get to announce show No. 7.”