Seeking Concessions Stand-outs! Submit your nominations by Thursday, August 31, 2017!

More than the money is in the food and now it's time to give recognition to the best chefs and chief operators — the changemakers in concessions who create memorable fan experiences.

Get ready for the Venues Today SILVER SPOON AWARDS!

Venues Today is inviting you to nominate outstanding achievement in concesssions and catering in sports and entertainment in the categories of:

• Best new menu item for 2017
• Best sustainability initiative for 2017
• Best new concept in food and drink for 2017


Who is eligible?

Executives in food and drink operations at sport, entertainment, fairs and meeting venues internationally.

How to nominate?
1) Please send a 250-400 word description in an email (NO ATTACHMENTS, PLEASE!), including the person and title and company helming the initiative
2) Include a description of the winning endeavor including what, where, when it rolled out and how much it cost
3) Make sure your name and contact information are available so we can contact you if there are any further questions or for more details.
4) E-mail nominations to by Thursday, August 31, 2017. (No attachments please, include all descriptions in an email)

How will winners be selected?
Venues Today has recruited a highly qualified jury of peers in the industry to judge nominations for originality, impact on the industry and game-changing characteristics. Along with the staff of Venues Today, the jury will select outstanding contributions to the industry in food and drink service.
Winning initiatives will be profiled in the October issue of Venues Today.

Why now?
Concessions service is a major contributor to the guest experience at venues worldwide. Concessions have a major role in marketing, analytics, public relations, sponsor fulfillment and every other aspect of the fan experience. Venues Today is recognizing those initiatives that take us all to the next level.

Please send your nominations to by Thursday, August 31, 2017.