Dignity Health’s naming-rights deal for the  Galaxy’s home took effect in January. (Courtesy Dignity Health Sports Park)

Once the Galaxy and Dignity Health agreed on the naming-rights deal, then came the fun part: coming up with the actual name of the site. 

Katie Pandolfo, Dignity Health Sports Park general manager, said that in her 15 years working there the “center” name was used in an effort to help convey that the complex is more than a soccer stadium, but it also made people who weren’t familiar with the site wonder what the venue was all about. 

The confusion may end with the new name. “Sports park defines itself,” she said. 

Plus, with five Olympic sports already slated for the site when Los Angeles hosts the Olympics in 2028, Pandolfo said they had already agreed with the organizing committee they were going to call the venue the South Bay Sports Park. The International Olympic Committee does not allow the use of corporate names in venue names, meaning that many must take temporary names when the Games come to town. 

As they discussed a new name with Dignity Health, “sports park” offered what Pandolfo called an “amazing opportunity” to ramp up for the Olympics. 

“This will have a natural flow and symmetry, which will be great for our partner and good for us as well,” Pandolfo said. Plus, now there’s no more wondering what happens at the center. It is, after all, a sports park. 


Dignity Health Sports Park: Healthy restart