Ford Center, Evansville, Ind.

Date Announced: Aug. 17

Buyer: Tri-State Ford, Ford Motor Co.

Owner/Manager/Tenant: City of Evansville/VenuWorks/University of Evansville Men's and Women’s Basketball, Central Hockey League Evansville IceMen

Terms: $4.2 million over 10 years, on a sliding scale

Broker: VenuWorks/Scott Schoenike

Comments: The $127.5-million Ford Center is set to open Nov. 9 and has a surprisingly straightforward naming-rights contract.

“As far as contracts go it’s clean, which is nice,” said Arena GM Scott Schoenike.

“Ford understands the indirect marketing of naming rights. They were more interested in making a presence in the area rather than a lot of unique other things sometimes involved in deals,” he added.

The company will have some exterior signage including the marquee, as well as interior signage and access to a 40-person VIP suite. They will receive 40 tickets to each event at the venue.

There are a number of Ford dealerships in Evansville, including one directly across the street from the new arena.

The deal is with Ford corporate, but “most of the funding is coming through the advertising fund of the Tri-State group because they will obviously benefit most from the advertising,” clarified Schoenike.

Don’t expect to see the six-foot-tall letters proclaiming the Ford Center’s new name too soon. “We’re shooting for opening day,” Schoenike said.

Contact: Scott Schoenike, (812) 774-8121