The North End Terrace will give ticket holders a chance to feel the passion of the LAFC supporters. (Courtesy LAFC)

The first year of Los Angeles FC’s Banc of California Stadium was a watch-and-learn scenario for the Major League Soccer expansion team. Now, with one season complete inside the soccer-specific stadium, LAFC is announcing changes, adding two new club spaces designed to provide an experience different from elsewhere in the venue.

LAFC’s new season-ticket-only clubs, dubbed the North End Terrace and Mid-Field Box, both take up space used as group rentals during the club’s inaugural season and create fresh perspectives on clubs. The club did not give the cost of the conversions.

The North End Terrace aims to put fans into the feeling of The 3252 supporter section, but with a premium experience.  LAFC president and owner Tom Penn said the space, situated just outside the supporter section, will become the “most unique club experience in all of sports, immersed within and among The 3252.”

“The 3252 has taken the city by storm, and the (club space) gives fans the chance to feel that energy and incredible passion and enthusiasm,” Penn said.

Included in the $175-a-game ticket is a dedicated outdoor lounge, bathrooms and beverage service, all in the club’s own space. The ticket includes food and beverage — beer and wine with hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn — and features access to the Sunset Deck club upstairs after the game.

The Mid-Field Box aims to provide a “FIFA view,” the perspective fans see when watching international games on television or when playing the popular FIFA video game. “It is the perfect viewing angle,” Penn said. “It is a really cool soccer experience.” The padded seats look directly across the field from the team’s Founders Club.

At $140 a ticket per game, the Mid-Field Box includes the same kind of stadium-fare food as the North End Terrace, and vendors bring food directly to the seats. “Vendors are walking through and asking how many hot dogs do you want,” Penn said. “It is a fun in-seat offering and even better than having your own space, as they come right to you.”

Adding the two spaces addresses needs that team recognized in the first year of the venue. “When we designed the building, there were a couple of areas (where) we wanted to see how the year worked out and better understand the wishes and desires of our audience,” Penn said.

LAFC will begin selling the new areas when they are officially announced Thursday. The club will open up additional season tickets across the stadium.

Penn expects the Mid-Field Box will draw season-ticket holders who want to upgrade their seats as well as new fans who want in after the team’s first year. The North End Terrace attracts the fan looking for the culture of the supporters but with a premium feel.

The team retains group sale space elsewhere in the building.