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{\b\f36\fs20\insrsid3305550\charrsid3305550 GLOBAL SPECTRUM
}{\b\f36\fs20\insrsid3305550\charrsid3305550 \par Author: Dave
Brooks \par Date: August 23, 2006}{\f36\fs20\insrsid3305550 \line
\line Global Spectrum is expanding its U.S. presence, moving into
new territory in California and Texas, states where the company
previously had no footholds. \line \line Global Spectrum just
announced that it was taking over management of the 32,000-seat
Spartan Stadium at San Jose State, according to Ike Richman, vice
president of public relations for Comcast Spectacor, parent company
to Global Spectrum. Ovations Food Services, also a subsidiary of
Comcast -Spectacor, will become the new provider of food and
merchandise sales at Spartan Stadium. The two companies work
independently of each other. Terms of the deal were not publicly
released. \line \line As for Texas, Lone Star Sports and
Entertainment, the group which manages the Houston Texans NFL team,
have also announced a one-year agreement with Global Spectrum to
help with the booking of five annual events at Reliant Stadium. In
exchange, Lone Star will help book some MLS and International
Soccer events at Cardina l Stadium in Phoenix, also a Global
Spectrum managed account. \line \line That deal also brings Global
Spectrum into the house of SMG, the company\rquote s main
competitor. SMG has a contract with Harris County to manage Reliant
Park, which includes Reliant Stadium, Reliant Arena and Reliant
Convention Center as well as the old Reliant Astrodome. Lone Star
Director David Brady said the deal would not interfere with the
Reliant\rquote s current contract with SMG \emdash SMG books over
700 events a year at the Reliant complex \emdash adding that the
partnership is simply a way for Lone Star to book the five non-NFL
events it has contracted with Reliant. \line \line \'93They\rquote
re going to help us talk to promoters and provide their expertise
because they deal with those guys every day,\'94 Brady said. \line
\line He wouldn\rquote t release the financial specifics of the
deal, adding that the agreement operated on a case-by-case basis
and was more about facilitating a dialogue between the two sides
rather than a financial agreement. \line \line \'93There\rquote s
no tangible partnership, so if we don\rquote t book an event with
Global Spectrum, we\rquote re not going to consider the partnership
a failure,\'94 he said. Brady said the deal will not interfere with
Lone Star\rquote s current relationship with SMG, which last year
helped produce the Big 12 Championship and the Bayou Classic.
\'93We haven\rquote t had any conflict with them in our booking and
we\rquote re not expecting any,\'94 he said. \line \line Brady said
he hopes Global Spectrum can help bring more concerts to Houston
\emdash a tough market for live music, especially stadium shows.
Currently, there are only a handful of big names and country acts
that stop at Reliant Stadium, and Brady said he hoped to capture
some more lucrative deals. \line \line The partnership could also
pave the way for several preseason games with the Philadelphia
Flyers playing at Reliant Stadium. Brady said he thinks
there\rquote s a big demand for hockey in Houston. The city\rquote
s American Hockey League Team, the Houston Aeros, does strong
ticket sales and has helped develop a growing NHL fan-base. And
while large-scale concerts are still a diff icult feat, Houston
residents seem to have a big appetite for big time sporting
spectacles. \line \line \'93Houston is a big event city,\'94 Brady
said, adding that Houston has been the host to the Barcelona Tour,
the MLB All-Star game and the Gold Cup. \line \line In exchange,
Bra dy said his group can help Global Spectrum get some soccer
events at the new Cardinal Stadium in Phoenix, where demand for
professional events is growing. Brady said his group can help
organize some international exhibitions including European teams
and t he popular Guadalajara Chivas soccer club. \line \line
\'93The motivation was pretty simple,\'94 said John Page, Chief
Operating Officer for Global Spectrum. \'93 We found ourselves to
be two like-minded companies that really shared a lot of the same
goals and motivations to do business.\'94 \line \line Ideally, Page
said, he would like to see the two work in unison to secure a new
stadium network to package to promoters and booking agents for
larger acts, especially country musicians like George Strait. \line
\line \'93Ultimately the artist is going to play wherever they want
to play, based on their own preferences and fan bases, but with
this partnership, we can sell ourselves in the marketplace in a way
that would appeal to artists looking to be seen in our markets.\'94
Page added that Global Spectrum would also consider leveraging its
trade shows and motor-sports events as possible business ventures
for Houston. Global Spectrum\rquote s recent deal to manage the San
Jose State University Spartan Arena creates a possible
Houston\emdash Phoenix\emdash Silicon Valley network that would
appeal to promoters trying to break into affluent markets, he said.
\line \line \'93It\rquote s really just a reiteration of our
relationship,\'94 Brady said. \'93Whether or not we have the
opportunity to directly work together, we look forward to
participating in this new partnership.\'94 \emdash Dave Brooks
\line \line }{ \i\f36\fs20\insrsid3305550 Interviewed for this
story: David Brady, (832) 667-2109; John Page, (215)
389-9587}{\insrsid3305550 \par }}