Since 2008, San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival has turned Golden Gate Park into an urban oasis of fine wine and art, gourmet food and, yes, tons of great music too.

In addition to three days of such world-class acts as Elton John, Sam Smith and Wilco, this year’s event (Aug. 7-9) also once again offered patrons a chance to buy a ticket to Wine Lands, where they could sample full glasses of vino from 35 wineries.

“It starts with the breathtaking surroundings of Golden Gate Park and continues with a diverse array of programming,” said Kerry Black, co-founder of festival co-promoter Superfly. “We always say that anyone can create a festival, it is the details or our interpretation of it that matter and make it unique. When we were planning OL, we were looking to differentiate the festival and decided to focus on things that were special about the Bay Area. To showcase that we created an elevated food and drink experience unlike any other music based festival.”

This year also added Back Wine, a 3-hole minigolf course with wine pairings for each hole.
That ethos also means working with more than 40 local restaurants that offer unique tastes such as Rich Table’s Porcini Doughnuts. If wine isn’t your thing, there’s also Beer Lands, Cheese Lands and Choco Lands, as well as a comedy tent and a miniart festival curated by Juxtapoz Magazine.

Many festivals have food and drink, sure, but Black said the depth and creativity of OL offerings are what set it apart. “Last year, we decided we wanted to push the food element to the next level and created a new stage called GastroMagic, where we tried to make food programming fun by melding it with music, comedy and art which led to some ridiculous moments like the Beignets and Bounce Brunch where people have to twerk for a beignet,” he said.

Black said during year one in 2008 everyone talked about Radiohead but, over the past few years, attendees have told them that food and beverage are just as big a draw. “I get just as many people gushing about the Bandol Rose they tried at Wine Lands or the Bacon Flight at BaconLand as I do music highlights,” Black said. “Seeing the surprise and delight of people discovering food like they are used to, discovering bands is a joy.”

Contact: Kerry Black, (212) 375-9652