Author: Wahyuni Kamah
Date: May 28, 2003

Artists from Australia, Egypt, France, India,
Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, the
United Kingdom and the United States will perform in a show
expected to capture over 1.5 billion worldwide viewers.
“The show is a multi-national volunteer effort of
people from over 30 countries that come together for a single cause
to honor musicians who have made major contributions to world peace
through their music and personal sacrifice,” Taylor
said. “This is what makes the show

The World Peace Music Awards is the first-ever
global-scale tribute to musicians who through their music, personal
example, and sacrifice have made major contributions to world
peace, harmony and human co-existence. The recipients are selected
by a committee comprised of Nobel Peace Prize winners,
philanthropists, United Nations representatives, religious leaders,
heads of state and fellow musicians. Chairing the committee is
psycho-anthropologist Dr. Lawrence Blair.

The “Life of Peace”
trophy is the vision of sculptor Cindy McClure, and precious metal
jewelry designed by John Hardy. The 6-inch ring of silver hands
encircle a set of solid gold praying hands. The body of the memento
contains a detachable 2-inch brooch of the same design that can be
worn by recipients. Other awards presented are divided into several
categories, musical genre and geographic region among them.

The first concert will feature major
international music acts, club DJs and celebrity personalities from
around the world. The concert will take place in Garuda Wisnu
Kencana in Jimbaran, Bali, an open-air venue located atop a
mountain. The producers of the three-hour concert will deliver free
satellite feeds to local TV networks in over 100 countries.
Producers have made all 8,000 tickets available free to the public
through official sponsors and media networks. “We are
trying to accommodate as many of the local people as we
can,” Taylor said. After the live television
broadcast, several of the artists will return to play free for a
special all-night “after party,” which is
open to everyone.

Normally such an event would cost $8 million-$12
million (U.S.) to produce. “However, because of the
charitable nature of WPMAÂ’s, many people have donated
their time, service and talent to make this show happen for a
fraction of the normal cost,” said Taylor. David
Wilson, General Manager of The Ritz Carlton Bali Resort and Spa,
one of the concert sponsors, said that he put $300,000 in trade
into the event, in terms of free accommodation for crews, singers
and organizers.

Other sponsors of the show include: Japan
Airlines, which is donating flight tickets to singers, organizers
and crews; Garuda Indonesia; the Four Seasons Resort Bali; Grand
Hyatt Bali and Intercontinental Resort Bali.

Other producers of the show include industry
veterans like Miles Copeland and Jay Coleman. The worldwide
satellite broadcast will be directed by Dick Curruthers (Elton
John, Aerosmith, The Who, Rolling Stones).

WPMA will handle the food and merchandise, which
is the only revenue from the show. All proceeds will go to several
different charities. One of them is an International Scholarship
Fund for Children and Spouses of Victims and Global Terrorism,
which was established by the WMPA executive committee.

The sponsors expect that the event will be
positive public relations for Bali after the devastating bomb
attack. “Bali recovery is what we expect from the
concert,” David Wilson said.

“It is worthy of our time and
effort, and nobody else has done it,” replied Taylor
when asked why he is doing the concert. “Moreover,
global harmony and peace through music and understanding are the
benefits,” he added. – Wahyuni KamahInterviewed for
this story: David Wilson, +62 811 389 542; Matt Taylor,