Being single on Valentine's Day can be a real drag, but don't despair – there are plenty of great available people working in the venues industry. Try your hand at love with Venues Today's profile of eight great singles in the industry (along with their Twitter handles). Love is only a mouse click and 140 characters away.

Thushan Rajapaksa

VP of Business Development & Operations

Staff Pro

Hometown and current location … Grew up in Sri Lanka until I was 11 years old and now live in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Typical day in the life … Going to the office to make sure all is well, then a client lunch, then back to office to make sure all tasks are met and staff is following goals and plans. At night I’m usually hosting clients at dinners, parties, events or having sushi alone — I don’t like cooking in my house so my stove won’t get dirty; so I eat out seven days a week

Describe the ideal date … Where else … a concert venue or event we do. This is the only job I have ever had all my life and I work seven days a week. I don’t know anything else other than our industry.

Who would play you in a movie about your life … I don’t think there are any Sri Lankan actors in Hollywood. I plan to be the first one. My retirement plan is Hollywood.

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life …Vanilla.

First celebrity crush … Michelle Pfeiffer.

Most common mistake made by the opposite sex … No trust when we work late at our facilities or events.

Length of time someone should wait once they're officially in a relationship to change their Facebook status … When the official conversation to be exclusive is in place, then status needs to change too.


Vanessa Kromer

Senior Director of Public Relations for Nederlander Concerts

Hometown and current location … I grew up in Laguna Hills (the O.C.) and currently live in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Career aspirations as a child … Charo … don’t judge me.

Hobbies … I enjoy dancing, hiking, snowboarding, wine tasting and challenging new workouts. I recently tried surfing and will be competing in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run this year. I also want to take guitar lessons — again.

Describe the ideal date … Los Angeles has so many great restaurants that I love trying new places, especially the mom and pop types. I prefer that my date select the place and either meet up for drinks or dinner.

Who would play you in a movie … Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life … Rocky Road.

Most common mistake made by the opposite sex … I feel most men talk about themselves the entire time and rarely ask questions. I’m a publicist so I can keep a conversation going with just about anyone, but at the end of the date I wonder if he even remembered my name.

Turn-ons … I love the Southern California casual style, so men in jeans with flip flops (pedicure preferred). I’m also a little old school, so I like a man to open the door for me and be chivalrous.

Turnoffs … Cheap dates, egomaniacs, homophobes and anyone who is rude to the wait staff.

Length of time someone should wait once they're officially in a relationship to change their Facebook status … I would just remove my relationship status all together. Have you ever noticed that the second someone changes their status to “in a relationship,” it’s quickly followed by “it’s complicated” ultimately returning to “single,” within a week?


Sarah Madalinski

Marketing Coordinator for i Wireless Center, Moline, Ill.

Hometown and current location … Grew up in Naperville, Ill. (Chicago suburb) and now live in Davenport, Iowa.

Career aspirations as a child … I wanted to own my own pet store! I had almost every pet imaginable growing up; turtles, chinchillas, snakes, toads, hamsters, leopard geckos. I would spend hours trying to teach them tricks, and even threw each of them birthday parties. Ever been to a guinea pig bash before? You haven’t lived.

Hobbies … When I’m not at work I spend a lot of time at the gym. Not because I’m a crazy work-out person, but because I don’t have cable, most of my friends are married, and I was spending too much money when I was hanging out at the grocery store. I also like doing random crafts I find on Pinterest, and cooking experiments that involve Srirachi or Cholula hot sauce.

Describe the ideal date … I’m pretty much the cheapest person you will ever meet. Looking for less cash and more creativity. Throw in a box of wine and I’m yours!

Who would play you in a movie … Rashida Jones.

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life … I can’t think of what ice cream flavor best describes sitting alone with a box of wine watching Lifetime movies with my cat, so I guess I’ll say cherry chocolate chip.

First crush … Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement. I recently googled him and found out he’s no longer a babe. It was pretty devastating.

Most common mistake made by the opposite sex … Trying too hard! It just comes across as fake and desperate. I like it when someone isn’t afraid to be honest and a little vulnerable. Who cares if you are a dork? Just be the most kick-ass dork you can be! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try … and may the force be with you!

Turn-ons … Quick wit, Irish accents and men who work at Franzia.

Turnoffs … Bad breath, cocky jerks, cat haters and dudes that look or remind me in any way of my crazy ex-boyfriend.

Dating advice for guys … Keep it light but fun – and don’t try too hard. I could care less how much money you make or what kind of car you drive as long as you have a job and a bike with pegs at this point.

How long before changing your Facebook status … It’s definitely a personal preference. Personally, it’s however long it takes me to have the conversation with them that my mother has Facebook. By that I mean if we are in a relationship on there it will only be a matter of minutes before she’s friended them, commented on all their statuses, and called me to discuss their questionable photo albums from spring break back in college.


Michael Enoch

Venue Consultant

Hometown and current location … My hometown is Parkersburg, West Virginia, and now I live in Las Vegas.

Career aspirations as a child … Sean Connery as James Bond 007.

Hobbies … Motorcycles, pit bulls, peeling oranges, beach volleyball, dipping cigars.

Who would play you in a movie … Jim Carrey's character in “The Mask”

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life … Rocky Road.

First crush … Kim Bedier.

Turn-ons … Light S & M, West Coast chocolates, a recently manicured landing strip, ski bunnies, Lee Press Ons, beautiful redhead women who look like Lucille Ball, and black over the knee leather boots with nothing else.

Turnoffs … Rusty spoons.

Topic for a great date conversation … Kama Sutra.

What topic should be avoided … Newt Gingrich


Ashley York

VIP & Donor Relations for the Conference Center and Inn at Clemson University

Hometown and current location … Originally from Charlotte, N.C., but currently living in Clemson, S.C.

Career aspirations as a child … I wanted to be a chef. I found out about Food Network in 3rd grade and that was it for me. Emeril Lagasse was my hero until I found out 'Emeril Live' wasn't really live. But I quickly learned chefs have to measure and I hate to measure!

Hobbies … Working out, spending time with friends and family, shopping (I am a girl), anything Clemson, and I love food and discovering great wines — reds are my favorite.

Describe the ideal date … I think an ideal date would be trying something new. I want to be surprised and know they really put thought into making the night anything but a cliche first date of dinner and movie.

Who would play you in a movie … Zooey Deshchanel … quirky and witty just like me.

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life … What A Cluster by Ben & Jerry's … I mean, what a cluster it is!

First celebrity crush … Zach Morris. I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell.

Most common mistake made by the opposite sex … Underestimating and underappreciating a woman in all aspects of life. I can keep up with the best of them — just please don't ask me to run a marathon.

Turn-ons … Guys who can pick out a great bottle of wine or local beer, guys who hate cats and have a healthy appetite for sports. And they should know how to use their, there, and they're correctly.

Turnoffs… Jersey Shore Meat Heads (& Meat Balls), guys who order drinks that were clearly designed for women (my ex should read this), guys who dress better than me, guys more emotional than my grandma. 

How long before changing your Facebook status … When I am confident with my mom Facebook-stalking them to see a picture and ask questions.


Chaeli Walker

Marketing Manager at

Hometown and current location … Brea, Calif. I now live in Huntington Beach, Calif. — a rare native to So Cal. [U+2028]

Career aspirations as a child…I had two ideas: a news reporter or an attorney. Pretty sure I would suck at both. 

The ideal date … Could care less about the location as long as the conversation is interesting and I laugh a lot! Wine must also be involved. Not sure I would consider dating someone that didn’t enjoy vino. [U+2028]

Who would play you in movie about your life … Absolutely no reason except she’s a beauty – Kate Beckinsale![U+2028]

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life … Cookie dough – still a little raw. [U+2028]

FIrst celebrity crush … The Silver Spoons kid. [U+2028]

Most common mistake made by the opposite sex … Not listening and no eye contact. The worst is talking and the other person is looking away. Umm, check please! [U+2028]

Great date conversation … Having things, music, experiences or people in common. I’m always up for a good conversation on ticketing! Most people outside the industry just don’t understand it. 

Topics that should be avoided … Politics, death and old relationships. They are all depressing. [U+2028]


Tommy McCarthy

Venue Relations Manager for Goldstar

Hometown and current location … I grew up in South Carolina, and I now live in Los Angeles … Beautiful Monrovia, to be exact!

Career aspirations as a child … When I was a kid, I was captured on film on a local television show, stating that I wanted to be a “fighter pilot.” I'd like that statement stricken from the record, please …

Hobbies … I really enjoy karaoke, songwriting, pool, darts, bbqing, surfing (the web), and collecting domain names. I hope that, one day, my domain name collection will pay for my darts addiction.

Ideal date … We'd go somewhere for some delicious coffee, then we'd maybe go for a hike with all of the energy that the coffee had given us. Once we're worn down from hiking, we'd come back to civilization, change into some chicken costumes, and go sing karaoke at the local pub.

Who would play you in movie about your life … I'd like to play the role of Larry Bird in his life story, but I don't think that he'd necessarily be able to play my role. I guess I'll take Justin Bieber … wait, can he grow a beard? Nevermind, I can't really grow one either, so I think we're good.

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life … Lately, it's gonna have to be “dry ice.” I wouldn't recommend consuming it …

Celebrity Crush … My first (and current) celebrity crush is Jessica Alba … I was an extra in Idle Hands a LONG TIME ago, and I still can't shake it. In fact, I thanked her in the liner notes on my old group's album! I'm so stupidly smitten, I think it is time to find a new one!

Most common mistake made by the opposite sex … The most common mistake made by anyone, in any situation, is to feel like you are inadequate. Believe in yourself. Otherwise, why should anyone else believe in you?

Turn-ons … My biggest turn-on is an intelligent woman that looks like Jessica Alba. It's even better if she has a pirate-style eyepatch and a parrot on her shoulder.

Turnoffs … My biggest turnoff is a woman who can't stand parrots on her shoulder.

Great date conversation … Always talk about the other person, never talk about politics, sometimes talk about MC Hammer, it makes you feel much better about how you budget your money.

How long before changing your Facebook status … This may be met with broad disapproval, but I think that you should keep your relationship status hidden. Come on, it's Facebook, don't people know enough about you already? Won't the people that matter know if you are in a relationship? Use Facebook for networking; use real life for fun!


Jesse Solorio

Music Photographer

Home town and current location … I grew up in Santa Ana, Calif., and I currently live in Irvine, Calif.

Career aspirations as a child … I remember really wanting to be a Power Ranger. The red ranger to be exact. I had a suit and everything. That didn’t work out so a cop or a teacher was my backup. I knew I wanted a career where I could help people.

Hobbies … If it’s the weekend, I’m most likely working and at a concert in the evening or mountain biking/hiking.

The ideal date … When you’re on a first date, you really want to get to know as much as you can about the other person in a span of two or three hours so I’d say a nice quiet restaurant. We can talk about music, movies, hobbies, life, and enjoy a nice dinner. Maybe have a few drinks.

Who would play you in a movie … Christian Bale and it would be directed by Michael Bay. There would be lots of explosions. Probably some robots. The soundtrack would kick ass and my love interest would be Sofia Vergara. It would be an action/love/comedy with an awesome twist at the end.

Ice cream flavor that best describes your dating life … Neapolitan – I enjoy the different flavors. It keeps it interesting.

First celebrity crush … Tiffani Thiessen who played Kelly Kapowski on Saved By the Bell. I don’t think it was a crush though. I think I was actually in love with her.

Most common mistake made by the opposite sex … Stereotyping. For some reason, some women think that all men are the same. If they’ve been with a jerk in the past, they assume that every guy is going to be jerk. Ladies, we’re not all the same. Some of us are actually pretty awesome. Give it a chance.

Turn-ons … Smart, educated, funny, really into music, likes my friends, attractive, loves going to shows, enjoys traveling & adventures, and loves good food — not fast food.

Turnoffs … Materialistic, condescending, crazy extravagant nails, broke, uneducated, not into fitness, smoker, druggie, not into music, lazy, always tired, not available.

How long to wait before changing one’s Facebook status … To me, it doesn’t really matter.