Photographer Presses Charges Against Left Brain

Rapper faces single charge of simple battery

  • by Dave Brooks
  • Published: November 6, 2011

OddFuture_DSC_5150_1200p.jpgOdd Future's Left Brain moments before slapping photographer Amy Harris on Oct. 30. (Photo by Amy Harris)

Updated Nov. 6, 6:25 pm PST— Photographer Amy Harris has released a statement about her decision to press charges against Left Brain from the group Odd Future. 

"Upon further reflection of events of the past week, it is something I needed to do," she wrote on her blog. "The week’s events have been extremely upsetting and culminated with an email from an unidentified person threatening to kill me and rape me and my family. While it is certainly possible that the email came from an overzealous fan of Odd Future, and not from the group itself, it has become clear to me that this is a matter for the police. 

Photographer Amy Harris has pressed charges against rapper Left Brain for the Odd Future member’s alleged Oct. 30 attack during the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans.

A representative from the New Orleans Police Department’s third precinct confirmed that charges had been filed and said that a detective has been assigned to the case. Left Brain is facing one charge of simple battery for swatting the photographer in the head, knocking the lens off her camera and leaving a red mark on her face.

According to the Louisiana criminal code, simple battery is a misdemeanor offense and carries up to 6 months in jail and fines reaching $1,000.

Ironically, Left Brain was in New Orleans on Sunday night, attending a concert by band mate Frank Ocean. Likely unaware that charges had been filed, Left Brain wrote on his blog “bak in the 504..where the best artist are from!” (504 is the area code of New Orleans), and he posted a picture of himself standing in front of a jazz mural.

According to police, Harris appeared in person at the New Orleans PD precinct office to file charges against Left Brain for the assault. The attack came a few minutes after the band first came on stage — approximately 30 photographers were in the pit and dozens of photos and three separate videos have emerged showing the attack.

And of course there’s Harris’ own photo of Left Brain (real name Vyron Turner) looking into the camera with his hand cocked back, less than one second away from hitting Harris in the head. The Cincinnati photographer didn’t immediately press charges after the attack occurred, but the group’s increasingly bizarre behavior prompted her to take action.

Harris said she was disappointed when publicist Heath Berru issued a statement denying the attack. Then, on Thursday, Left Brain posted a profanity-laced response on his tumblr page, denying the attack. He also used Harris’ photo from the attack without her permission. Venues Today contacted tumblr and the social media blog site agreed to remove the content.

The band was passing through New Orleans as their U.S. tour winds down, and plans to head to Australia for the Big Day Out traveling festival. The group has already been kicked off one tour date in Auckland, N.Z. after local officials complained about some of Odd Future's controversial lyrics. On Saturday, the band had just wrapped up a number of dates in Florida and are scheduled to play today at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas.

  • by Dave Brooks
  • Published: November 6, 2011