Intel Capital Invests in VenueNext

True View replay tech to be added to apps at Levi's Stadium, U.S. Bank Stadium

  • by Brad Weissberg
  • Published: May 7, 2018

5K cameras, part of the True View system, shown here in Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium.

Technology company VenueNext, which helps users experience venues through their smartphones, has received an investment from Intel Sports and Intel’s Retail Solutions Division to incorporate Intel technologies into its mobile platform.

“By integrating our technologies together we can further enhance our mobile offering to enrich the fan experience via their mobile devices,” said John Paul, CEO and founder of VenueNext.

Discussions started about a year ago. The deal was completed in the first quarter of this year and announced Tuesday at the Intel Capital Global Summit in Palm Desert, Calif. The amount of the investment was not disclosed.

“The way Intel works, it not only took the investment committee to sign off, but one of their business units. We got lucky in that we have two Intel business units — Sports and Retail Solutions — that work with us,” Paul said. Intel Capital will have “observer rights” on the VenueNext board.

The first mobile integration will be with Intel True View technology, which will provide fans with immersive 5K content that provides high-definition images from their smartphone, making them feel like they are on the field and in the game.

“Our replay technology takes a play and shows it from all different angles,” Paul said.
“Right now, the angle a fan sees is determined by the broadcaster. When our integration is complete, the fan will be able to choose where they want to be. You can choose to be in the quarterback’s eyes, the defender's eyes, or from a whole host of different perspectives.”

Intel True View innovation includes 5K high-resolution cameras spread throughout the stadium and data crunching technology called Volumetrix, which work by capturing volumetric data (height, width and depth) using voxels, a 3D pixel. It renders 3D replays and creates a multiperspective view of key moments of the game, Paul said.

VenueNext can now show replays four seconds after selected plays from four camera angles and can show a fan only the replays selected by the venue’s broadcast partner. “True View will be an additional way the fan can enjoy the game, and once it’s up and running the fan can decide which plays to replay,” he said.

Levis_Instant_Replay_Screenshot.jpgLevi's Stadium app, created by VenueNext, will soon integrate Intel True View technology.

The system is being used at two NFL stadiums: Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, and U.S. Bank Stadium, where the Minnesota Vikings play.

Paul pointed out that the technology can be used in any sort of venue and at concerts, meetings or non-sporting events, as well.

Paul said Intel was the right partner because of its “reach and broad customer base. We think of a venue as a piece of property and Intel has already built a platform for many (‘internet of things’) properties, and together we can take advantage of the work Intel has already done.”

James Carwana, vice president and general manager of Intel Sports, said in a statement: “Intel Sports is delivering the next-generation fan experience by allowing fans to be transported into the venue and view the game from every vantage point. Together with VenueNext’s ability to pull together multiple data streams from a venue to improve the fan experience, we’ll provide even more immersive ways to engage with the biggest moments on the field — by making Intel True View 360-replay content available in app, right at users’ fingertips.”

“VenuesNext wants to improve the fan experience and the business of the venues that are our customers,” Paul added. “We build the app that the customer wants whether they are a sports fan or a concertgoer.”

  • by Brad Weissberg
  • Published: May 7, 2018