First Location-Based Show For Feld

Universal Brand Development deal leads to DreamWorks Trolls The Experience

  • by Linda Deckard
  • Published: May 8, 2018

Just a year after announcing the Jurassic World Live arena tour, Feld Entertainment has announced a second collaboration with NBC Universal — DreamWorks Trolls The Experience.

The new show is an immersive, interactive experience that will be housed in a 12,000-square-foot retail space in New York City, where it will sit for 15 months while Feld Entertainment and Universal Brand Development decide what the next iteration of Trolls will be. It may be a traveling exhibit or another location-based run, said Steve Yaros, Feld senior vice president of global public relations.

The Feld team, in collaboration with Universal Brand Development, is always asking questions, he added. How does this immersive experience translate? Where do we put it? Will it always be location based or will it tour? “These are all things we will try to learn and discover while it sits for 15 months in New York City,” Yaros said.

The planned location — 218 W. 57th St., between Broadway and Seventh Avenue — now houses the Downton Abbey Exhibit, which has been there more than a year. Before that the building was an art supply store for years and years, Yaros recalled from his days in that city. Feld and Universal are leasing the venue from GGP.

The timeline has tickets on sale in July, the install in September, a soft opening in October and launch in November. “We have conceptually described what the areas in the exhibit will be. We haven’t gone hammer-to-nail yet, but that’s coming up in the next two weeks,” Yaros said.
There will be timed entry points.  The producers are estimating 90 minutes to get through the exhibit rooms.

“It’s all interactive,” Yaros said. “You go into one room and it’s a beauty parlor where you can be made up as a troll, another is a sing-along where you sing songs from the movie. Each room has a different immersive experience, and it’s very hands on.”

The target demo is families with kids ages 4-11. The average ticket price, not yet solidified, will be in the $45 range.

“We’re working through pricing and ticketing systems and the best schedule for timed entries,” Yaros said.

It is a modular exhibit. The goal is that it would move to venues of different sizes or shapes.
“We want to create experiences that best fit the intellectual property,” Yaros said. The decision was to find a way families could interact with the brand.

The production team is not yet fully assembled, but Feld has begun working with BeCore, Los Angeles, on the design and build.

“This is an example of us saying we can be more than what we are,” Yaros said. According to the press release, this collaboration between Feld and Universal Brand Development “marks the first collaboration in an innovative multi-property relationship that will develop and create other large-scale and mobile pop-up immersive experiences.”

  • by Linda Deckard
  • Published: May 8, 2018