eTix & Parthenon Partner

eTix and Parthenon engage in a growth-oriented recapitalization

  • by Andrew N. McLean
  • Published: July 26, 2017

eTix, an international web-based ticketing provider, has completed a growth-oriented recapitalization with private equity firm Parthenon Capital Partners.  

This partnership will grant eTix the capital to grow their brand and continue to progressively change the industry of web-based ticketing.   

"We had the belief that the market was very fragmented, and we wanted to grow quicker,” said Travis Janovich, CEO, and founder of eTix. “ Parthenon shared our vision so we went down this road together."

Although eTix will now be backed by billion-dollar capital partners, the company plans to run business similarly to how they did before the partnership. "We’re still independent in the same way," said Janovich. "I’m still in control of the company, nothing has changed there... it’s just a great growth capital partnership, and we’re going to be more aggressive in trying to grow the company faster."  

Included in that growth is eTix's  purchase of ExtremeTix, an online ticketing provider based in Houston. The agreement is said to be worth $16.5 million.  

The deal to acquire ExtremeTix jump started the growth initiative Janovich promised for his company. eTix is heralded in the web-based ticketing industry for their innovation and accessibility to the consumer, he said. 

"We feel like we got one of the best, if not the best, web-based ticketing and marketing platforms out there,” Janovich said. “I think you’ll see us continue to grow horizontally faster, make more investments in a platform to build beyond ticketing and marketing."

Horizontal growth includes a hope to branch out and help consumers encounter an easier and friendlier ticket purchasing experience. eTix will look to assist consumers after their tickets are purchased, with a number of new ideas. Some ideas shared by Janovich include handling of food and beverages and parking and controlling calendars, as well as booking and venue management.
eTix was founded in 2000 by Janovich. Since that time the company has become a global web-based ticket provider with headquarters all over the world including Germany, Austria, China, Holland, and Japan as well as U.S. hubs in Morrisville, N.C. and Nashville,  Tenn. The company currently sells over 50 million tickets annually in 40 countries.

  • by Andrew N. McLean
  • Published: July 26, 2017