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Public Marries Private to Build Rogers Place

Shotgun wedding to build Edmonton’s new downtown hockey arena deemed a success

By: Brad Weissberg / Published: June 29, 2016

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Audio-Visual Fees Strongly Recommended

Monetizing AV technology provides a means of staying up to date

By: Greg Lehman / Published: June 14, 2016

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The Real Meaning of ‘Entry Level’

Panelists discuss how millennial expectations for an entry-level job line up with the real thing

By: Rebecca Nakashima / Published: March 23, 2016

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Mobile Moments Are Know, Go, Do, Buy

Session at WFA Convention highlights the importance of a strategy for mobile marketing

By: Rebecca Nakashima / Published: January 13, 2016

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Booker, Buyer, Bought

IEBA panels dissect the business from booking agency, promoter and talent points of view

By: Linda Deckard / Published: November 11, 2015

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Covering the EDM Bases

IAVM Region 4 panelists discuss EDM best practices

By: Rebecca Nakashima / Published: April 28, 2015

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Facility Managers Maintain on a Budget

Infrastructure updates and upgrades are priority even while pinching pennies

By: Jessica Boudevin / Published: December 16, 2014

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Megaevents Require Megaplans

Staffing is a main concern at large events

By: Jessica Boudevin / Published: December 9, 2014

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Promoters Comment on Changing Concert Landscape

The music business is shifting to adapt to the digital world

By: Jessica Boudevin / Published: December 2, 2014

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Networking Rules at Inaugural RISE

Venue industry influencers gather in Long Beach for lively discussions on issues of import

By: Linda Deckard / Published: September 17, 2014

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